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Well, here it is again. While rewriting the page, I also checked if the links still lead anywhere. Many of the sites changed their addresses, but most of them are still Out There. Please let me know if the ones I failed to find back then have since reappeared.

As always, if you want to report a dead link or let me know about a site that would fit in here, please do!

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English resources
Exellent content served by a really lame server. You're gonna need a particularly lousy browser to get beyond the first page.
InFact Magazine
Gone. Anybody? Watson?
Used to be hard to find for a while, but still on line. Go Stever!
Speed Seduction
Whoa. Ole man Sandworm still there, alive and kicking.
Advanced Neuro Dynamics
Yet another old timer. Hello, Tad! ... the website of the American Board of Hypnotherapy
Oh, hello again, Tad.
Lee Lady's Homespun Web Page
100% Java Free!
NLP Seminars Group International
Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, John La Valle. Doesn't at least one of these names ring a bell?
Kevin Hogan's site.
Body Language, Influence, Persuasion, Time Management, Human Behavior.
Patrick Merlevede's Merl's World
NLP FAQ and Resources
Dale Kirby -- see his very own URL, too.
Deutsche Seite.
Inspiritive, Australia
Nice folks. Excellent articles, too.
Management and NLP Training Ottawa Ontario Canada
Tricia Russell and Quentin Grady's Home Page
Took a while to find it without a blind dog to lead me.
The NLP Center of New York
An Introduction to Stress Management, NLP and Hypnotherapy by Andi Smith.
Andy Smith is a hypnotherapist and NLP trainer in West London. This site has self-help advice, resources for therapists, and details of NLP and Time Line TherapyTM practitioner courses and personal development workshops run by his company, Transformation Training.
Communications Plus
NLP Training and NLP Business Consulting to companies and government organisations in the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand.
PPI Business NLP
NLP, executive and business performance coaching in Milton Keynes, London and California. SNLP and Richard Bandler accredited.
Jeff's Favorite NLP/Hypnosis Links
Phoenix Services For Personal Development
International Teaching Seminars
The old address is still accessible, but gives a page of some irrelevant ads.
Southern Lands NLP
Looks like this one's gone.
NLP CENTER - New York Training Institute for NLP
Established 1979. Whoa!
Canadian Training Centers
No more to be found.
Trance-Action Consultants
Life Skills Institute
Learn a little something about yourself. Learn a little something about NLP. Learn a little something about web design. Meet David Lintner.
Kim Davis: experience, knowledge, wisdom. Lots of resources for NLP and NLP hypnosis.

Other Languages

Neuro-Linguistisches Programmieren
Dieser General Information Server informiert ueber die Entwicklung und Verbreitung des NLP in den deutschsprachigen Laendern und eroeffnet den Zugang zu den NLP-Ressourcen im Internet.
European Association for Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy
Please note that the URL has changed. (The old one still works though.)
Le Dialogue Final
Wolfgang Bernard's new site.
Московский "Центр НЛП в образовании"
Казалось бы, причем здесь тренинги по вопросам переговоров, продаж, лидерства, делового общения и работы с клиентами?
Хабаровский центр НЛП
Красноярский центр НЛП
По крайней мере, линк на старом месте привел сюда.
Сайт Юрия Живоглядова (Киев)
Институт профессионального мастерства и НЛП.
Там же.
Киевский центр НЛП
На момент проверки сайт был в обмороке.
Informacje o NeuroLingwistycznym Programowaniu.
NLP, Yeni bir hayata
A Turkish site by Hatice Baykalli.